Oratex Cub geel

7,00 €

7,00 €
Fabrikant: Oracover
Product beschrijving

Oratex is eem polyester strijk folie, ideaal voor grote, historische en schaal modellen.

Bij grotere afname word het op lengte afgesneden.

ORATEX®, an iron-on type polyester fabric covering, is ideal for all scale models, large scale models and historical models.

ORATEX® has 4 points in its favour:
1. Easy application: due to its pliability and a shrinkage of 5 % in both directions ORATEX® is easy to apply round corners and edges. Creases can easily be removed with a heat-gun.
2. Excellent adhesion: the adhesive of ORATEX® is about twice as strong as that of conventional fabric coverings.
3. Remarkable toughness and stability of the fabric.
4. Protective seal: the surface of ORATEX® has been treated to make it resistant to fuel and oil. You can paint or varnish it if you wish, but there is no need for it!

Kleur : Cub geel.
Breedte : 60 cm.
Lengte : 50 cm.