M35 2.5 Ton Cargo Truck.

1/72 USA.
14,95 €

14,95 €
Fabrikant: Academy
Product beschrijving

Ground Vehicle Set - 8, U.S. M35 2.5 ton Cargo Truck.

Academy’s model is either an M35A1 or early model M35A2 with “high” lights and a winch; the reason is that it only comes with the “small” tactical type turn signals and tail lights.

It also has the earlier model side mirrors; later model trucks were fitted with big “California” mirrors and much more complex bracing.

The entire cab unit of cab, hood and grille assembly is molded in one piece via “slide molding” and is nicely done, but the grille is a bit shallow in depth.

The headlights are molded in place, but should be easy to drill out and replace with MV Lenses (the lenses should be the ones closest to 0.104" in diameter).

The frame is built up from two rails and “innards” and includes the front tie rods, transfer case, transmission, winch drive and winch, and springs and axles.

The vehicle comes as “winch only” but with some care a few mm can be cut from the frame rails and the bumper mounted notch side down to make a non-winch equipped truck.