Space Shuttle met Boosters.

1/288 Space Shuttle.
8,95 €

8,95 €
Fabrikant: Academy
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1/288 Space Shuttle met Boosters.

The exploration of space is one of mankind's last great adventures.

The rockets used to put man on the moon were effective but wasteful, they could only be used once.  

In 1972, NASA began development of a reusable spaceship.

The shuttle that is now a reality has given us the ability to launch satellites and carry parts into space for future exploration.


Plastic pieces attached to sprues and molded in white and black.

The exterior surface of the shuttle is complete with minute details such as metal seams, bolt heads, and hatch outlines.

A black plastic launch pad is included for display purposes.

The hardware necessary to wire the launchpad with small lights powered by batteries is included.

Engine and maneuvering subsystem nozzles are faithful replicas of the ones found attached to the actual shuttles.

External tank and solid-fuel boosters are highly detailed and come with all of the hardware necessary to attach to the orbiter.

Detailed pictorial instructions include shuttle launch details and guide you through assembly.