Robbe interface kabel.

Voor de CDR-5000 lader.
30,00 €

30,00 €
Fabrikant: Robbe
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Robbe interface kabel voor de CDR-5000 lader.

USB Interface adaptor leads for connecting the battery chargers to a USB port on a PC.

This cable makes it possible to use the free Donationware program ´logview´ for recording, storing, managing and printing out battery data.

(Internet address:

Graphic display of charge / discharge curves, with capacity display. Individual curves can be superimposed or excluded as required.

Data can also be displayed in a large digital or analogue format if required.

The recorded data can be converted directly to the common file formats *.csv, *.xls or *.htm.

This makes it possible to carry out further processing on the data using a spreadsheet program (Excel etc.), providing a convenient means of comparing curves with each other.

An integral label printing program provides a simple method of printing out battery data, for attaching to battery packs.