Flight Recorder.

103,90 ā‚¬

103,90 ā‚¬
Fabrikant: Multiplex
Product beschrijving

Ultra-small, lightweight data logger which records all data present on the MULTIPLEX Sensor Bus (MSB) onto a Micro-SD card.

The data are saved in the .csv data format, and transferred from the Micro-SD card to a PC (Micro-SD USB card reader included in the set).

The data can then be displayed and analysed using Microsoft Excel or LogView.

The FlightRecorder is connected to the sensor socket (ā€œSā€) of a telemetry-capable M-LINK receiver or any sensor.

At least 100 hours recording duration.

With 2GB Micro-SD card at maximum data rate and the maximum number of sensors.

The card can be replaced by a standard Micro-SD card of larger capacity at any time.

Recording process start / stop.

Can be controlled from the RC transmitter; alternatively auto-start / auto-stop when switched on and off.

Afmetingen : 33 x 20 x 8 mm.
Gewicht : C.a. 7 gram.
Stroom : C.a. 36 mA.
Spanning : 3,5 - 9 volt.